6 Additional Service Trends

How Temporary Recruitment Companies are providing additional, value-added service.

November 27, 2017 in Recruitment, Training

Adding Value

What we see with modern recruitment companies is they possess the ability to easily provide additional services to their market.

Beyond that, they are moving into other industries, they may have started in secretarial outsourcing and now have moved into manufacturing.

Others may have started out providing forklift training, which has been a platform to move into recruitment services for General and Food Manufacturing companies. In other words they are scaling up.

Types of Additional Services

The six additional services that we see Recruitment Companies offering are:

Consulting services
Providing onsite Safety Training, Human Resources and Foreign Direct Investment consultants.

Outsourcing compliance training
Taking the workload from client’s compliance training requirements.

Entering new industries
Taking on new, complimentary sectors based on their transferable experience.

Regulatory risk services
Using their experience to support clients with regulatory risk processes.

Assessment services
Providing Ability, Personality and Psychometric assessment services.

Multi-lingual recruitment services
Using experience in ESOL to provide further services regarding languages other than English.

After speaking with more than more than 100 recruitment professionals, we asked how they would prioritise these 6 additional services, which is summarised in the graph below.


Moving away from paper and spreadsheet methods is significantly reducing costs for recruitment companies. It enables them to address margin-squeeze, when entering new markets or providing new services in their current market.

Modern, forward-thinking recruitment companies are leading the way in ensuring that their clients remain compliant in their regulatory requirements, whilst identifying new ways to attract business.