Learning Technology Awards – Ensuring Compliance

Recently Nvolve Group partnered with Bemis Healthcare Packaging for the Learning Technologies Awards in the UK, with the main category entered as: ‘Best Use of Learning Technology to Ensure Compliance.

Whilst interviewing Simon Clackett, Quality Systems Manager at Bemis, it became clear just how important the role technology plays in achieving and maintaining a culture of compliance.

Simon mentioned how maintaining training records with traditional spreadsheets was becoming unmanageable, whilst paper usage and storage was presenting a time and cost burden.

Simon stated that:

‘When a company transitions from a smaller to a larger company, you can’t rely on spreadsheets anymore’.

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The Compliance Need

A key challenge to address is the need to easily demonstrate that anyone ‘standing-in’ for an absent member of staff is also compliant in that role.
It is here that not only managers are responsible for compliance but it is everyone across the workforce that plays a part in the overall compliance of the company.

The ability to see at a glance who is compliant and what outstanding training is required at anytime is crucial to building a culture of compliance.

Deploying Learning Technology

Tablet devices are used directly on the factory floor. This enables managers to take learning right to the point where it is needed. Tablet devices enable a trainer to provide on-the-job revision, where the latest documents can be shown to and signed by staff.


A Paperless Workforce

Some companies continue to store files in an increasing number of filing cabinets on-site. Whereas Bemis, having implemented tablets and keypad learning systems, can now operate as a truly paperless company, whilst securely storing information within the cloud.


The Path to Success

Simon mentioned that the company haven’t had to store any paper records for all of 2017, seeing a gradual improvement year by year.

For the year to-date, 2017, the Bemis Healthcare Packaging site has reached and maintained a 99% compliance rate, with a view to reach 100% compliance.