Monthly Compliance & Risk Reporting Service

This report is generated every month and is designed to provide a high-level, strategic overview of the current Training Compliance Risk Profile of your site.

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Compliance and Risk Report
  • Compliant
  • Non-compliant

What’s covered in the report?

The charts and tables within this report include:

  1. Employee Training Compliance
  2. Manager Training Compliance
  3. Work Group Compliance
  4. Training Programs Compliance
  5. Policy Awareness Compliance by Policy
  6. Policy Awareness Compliance by Employee

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The simplest way to train your staff

Group Learner™ makes auditing so much easier as we don’t have to pull records and look through paper files. Theoretically, our customers could come to the head office and audit training records for any of our sites from there.

Chris Myers
Head of ICT, Stafforce Personnel

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