3 Blended Learning Delivery Options

Deliver Training Online, Offline and in Groups.

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Induction training e-learning course

Online for Desktop and Laptop

Launch courses directly from the browser without installing any software.

Group Learner™ Tablet App

Run courses directly from a tablet app.
Perfect for environments that have little or no internet connection.

Keypad Handset

Group Learner™ Keypad System

Run courses, inductions and assessments in groups with simple to use keypads and Group Learner™ player.

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Create Your Own Courses

Use the Course Creator plugin for PowerPoint® to easily develop your own courses. Then deliver your training online, offline or in groups.

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PowerPoint e-Learning Course Plugin

‘What we were looking for is one system to help manage our training academy, documents, standards operating procedures and sign-offs in one location as opposed to having multiple excel sheets managing all this information.’

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Dean Hunter
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